A New Mexico Hunting Experience

Ranchline Hunting offers different types of hunting from Barbary Sheep and blue scaled quail on one of our private hunting reserves, to mule deer and elk.  As a hunter, you can have access to 150,000 acres of wildlife, two high-fenced games parks, and our exceptional New Mexico hunting reserves.  Enjoy our website and thanks for visiting!

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The Best New Mexico Hunting

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We offer the best in New Mexico hunting for the hunting enthusiast!.  Ranchline Hunting trips with friends, business associates, and family are a tradition here, and we look forward to providing the perfect hunting experience for you.

Ranchline Hunting offers some of the finest hunting, staff, and hospitality available.  Our wide array of game animals and hunting opportunities include premier hunts for:

  • Barbary Sheep
  • Whether you call them sheep or audads, we’ve got Barbary Sheep available inside and outside of the game parks.
  • Blue Scale Quail and Dove Hunting
    Hunting Blue Scale Quail with Ranchline is an experience like no other!  Our unique niche in Southeastern New Mexico provides some of the best Blue Quail hunting around.
  • Trophy Deer
  • If you are serious about mule deer hunting, The Felix River Ranch can offer up the deer hunt you are looking for.We’ve got 150,000 acres to find a “wall hanger” or two high fenced game parks for any special requests.
  • Pronghorn Antelope
  • Southeastern New Mexico has some of the biggest Pronghorn Antelope you’ll ever see. The guides at Ranchline Hunting are skilled at finding and confirming that your kill will be worth putting on your wall

  • Trap and Skeet Shooting
  • Located right next to the lodge is an incredible 5-stand and trap shooting range where you and your guest can enjoy each other’s company while shooting shotguns.This is a great way to get away with business associates, friends, and family for a weekend of shooting in the outdoors.

    Ranchline Hunting Headquarters is located in Southeastern New Mexico, near Roswell and offers exceptional hunting and accomodations you won't find anywhere else.