Game Management

Quail Management

The population of blue scaled quail in Southeastern New Mexico faces numerous challenges including lack of water, inadequate nutrition, predators, and flooding.  Ranchline makes efforts year around to combat these issues while being careful not to tame the wild blue quail coveys that inhabit Felix River Ranch. Some of our efforts include:


  • 2 game preserves
  • 20 quail feeders throughout the ranch
  • Special quail waters at strategic water locations
  • Quail feeding blocks

Please contact us if you are interested in Ranchline Quail Management.

Deer Management

Before and after every trip, hunters tell stories about monster muleys with a 10-12 point and a 30 inch spread.  To make that more than a story, Ranchline hunting is making efforts year around to make monster mule deer for your home and office wall.  Our head of Game management works hard to keep feeders full, mineral blocks accessible at all times and cottonseed in abundance.

Other practices include:

  • Helicopter counts
  • Management doe hunts
  • Management buck hunts